Everything You Need to Streamline Your Staffing Operations

Quick Resume Matching

Search resumes from global databases. Match requirements to profiles enabled by AI & ML.

Accurate Application Tracking

Automated process of creation & publication of opportunities, creating hot lists, shortlisting & interviewing, creating marketing campaigns, and onboarding & managing vendors

Fast Document Signing

Real-time, paperless system for onboarding talent, managing skills database & employee data, deploying right talent to right opportunities, and tracking performance.

In-Built Email Campaigns

Technology-enabled automation of complex business processes – people management, timesheets, expense reimbursements, invoicing, payments and client relationships.

Easy Accounting

Receive and store documents. E-sign and share documents for seamless and fast contract and hiring management

Intuitive Onboarding

Reports and Dashboards to track performance of campaigns, vendors and employees; and take data-driven decisions.

Easy, flexible, scalable and customizable digital transformation. By Attainica

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